Peace House – a community centre for the elderly

Many elderly people in this area don’t have any children or relatives to look after them and there has been nowhere for them to go—until now. The Association’s project to build Peace House began at the end of 2009, and now sixty elderly people are already using the new two-storey building.

On the ground floor is a large kitchen where everybody can cook together and socialize, and around this are rooms where they store water. The first floor has six rooms including a room for medical facilities, two storage rooms, a doctor’s consultation room, a room for visiting lamas, sponsors or meetings, and one room that is as yet unused.

We are happy to announce that the outside construction has been finished (it even has solar panels on the roof!) but there is still more that needs to be done…

We still need your help

The outside construction is finished, but we still need to provide running water, medical facilities and furniture. Help us make this happen.

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