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The Gesar Association has been established to provide practical aid to people in Tibet. We are a very modest association but are already well on our way to completing our first project (the old people’s home). Lama Yonten’s experience of growing up and living in Tibet means that he is well aware of the disparity between the quality of life for Tibetans and people living in the West. On a daily basis the people in these remote regions have to deal with poverty, lack of healthcare, lack of medical facilities, no running water, lack of and poor housing etc.

Lama Yonten’s experience and ongoing contact with people in these regions means that he knows what projects are necessary. He also knows that it doesn’t take a huge amount of money to make a massive difference in the quality of life for people living in these communities. The Gesar Associations latest project is the construction of a water pipe to provide fresh running water to a remote village. 

We work on a limited number of practical and achievable projects that we know are going to make a big difference. Even a small donation to the Gesar Association can bring big changes to the everyday lives of people living in these remote regions of Tibet. We value all of our contributions and contributors.

Thank you and tashi delek!

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